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  1. Amir

    Hi Nicolas,

    Thanks for the great article , is there anyway to change the published app’s icon size ?

  2. Fredrik

    Thanks for a great site!

    “Change background during loading”

    It says:

    .loading-screen {
    background-image: #FFFFFF;

    But the correct line is “color” instead of “image”, that’s how I got it to work.

  3. Jasmine

    What class can I use to modify the height of the existing gray header bar on the Applications/Desktops page?

    By the way, thank you for posting this article. It has been a great resource.

    • I’ve added the code in the article.

      .store-header {
      height: 100px;
      display: block;

  4. Roy

    Awesome article. How can I add a header logo to the logon page?

    • Hello, I’ve added the “Add header logo” section. Please take a look.

  5. Any Idea how to add a functional hyperlink when adding text to the logon page?

    • Something like that?

      Go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\<StoreName>Web\custom and open script.js.

      $('.customAuthTop').html("Text1<br /> <a href="” rel="nofollow">citrixguru</a><br /><br />");
      Go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\<StoreName>Web\custom and open style.css.

      .customAuthTop {

      • stuart differ

        Hi Nicolas,

        i have attempted this but it has not worked…im using Storefront 3.8

        i wanted to but them on the footer so my code is below

        FROM CSS


        text-align: center;

        $(‘#customBottom’).html(“Text1 citrixguru“);

        $(‘.customAuthFooter’).html(“Text1 citrixguru“);

        • stuart differ

          Sorry, seem to not paste over correctly

          from script.js

          $(‘#customBottom’).html(“Text1 citrixguru“);

          $(‘.customAuthFooter’).html(“Text1 citrixguru“);

  6. Brad

    Nice.. thanks – very useful.

    Have a question – I want to add an additional URLs like to applications – eg a link to documentation or where the user can find support for that app. I tried to embed html in the ‘description’ but it doesn’t get decoded properly. Anyone have any ideas? Thought to add some custom .js but I can’t find enough example to get me going.

  7. Stephane

    Awesome article. How can I change the client name?
    Previously in WI5.4, I’ve modified file located in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\XenApp\app_code\PagesJava\com\citrix\wi\pageutils.
    deviceInfo.setClientName(“EXT_” + clientName);

    It was working fine … but I’ve migrated to SF3.5 … couldn’t find how to do it ?

    Thanks for helping :-)


  8. Francis Paul Czekalski

    This was awesome , I have one burning issue my company allows users to download AV from the Web Interface how can I provide the function in Storefront without screwing it up…

  9. Jamie

    Please can you advise how to change the background colour of the logon boxes. Thanks Jamie.

    • Kevin

      I believe it’s: .credentialform input[type=text], .credentialform input[type=password, .credentialform .pseudo-input {

      background-color: #ffffff;

      • Tobias

        I searched for the same because I wanted to use a White Background. Correct is:

        .credentialform input[type=”text”], .credentialform input[type=”password”], .credentialform .pseudo-input {
        background-color: #CCCCCC;

  10. Eduard

    Hi Nicolas,

    Any idea how can i change the color for textboxes from logon page?…username…password …domain.
    i ask this because was needed to change the background color to white and now the textboxes can not be seen.

    Thank you!

  11. Erwin Vos

    Hi Nicolas,

    great article. I have two questions:
    1. Is it possible to change the url in the about box? now it is and i like to use a page of our company
    2. Is it possible te add a footer to the desktop/applications page only?

    • Safdar Alibay

      Hi Erwin, not sure if you already found it but for your first question, you need to change it to the receiver.html file located in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\yourstoreWeb

      You would also need to do a iisreset for changes to be applied.

  12. asdfasdf fasdfasdf

    Can we change Account Self Service to say “Forgot Your Password?”

  13. Timo C

    Great Article.

    Does anybody know how to change link color underneath Logon Button (“Account self service”)?



    • Timo C

      Found it, Anybody who is interested in. You can change the color in Style.css located in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb\custom. Below you will a short example.

      .web-screen .detail-text{

      • LL

        This didn’t work for me. The text under Log On is “Switch to user name and password” and it’s still a light blue but it’s hard to read with the company image in the background. Anybody else know how to change this text color?

        • LL

          Found it. Add to style.css:
          .authentication-link {

          I have pass-through and username/password enabled. When users log off they have a checkbox option to “Remember my logon method.” By default this option is selected. Does anyone know how to deselect this option as default?

          Another question: some of my longer application names are being cut off. Is there a way to force the entire application name to appear?

  14. Thanks for an awesome site. You have put all the needed customizations in just one page with collapsible/expandable boxes which adds in further delight in accessibility. I have just upgraded my StoreFront from 3.0 to 3.5 with most of these customizations.

    Thankyou for such a valuable information. Keep up the good work..!!!

  15. Great article.

    Does anyone know how to change to background colour in the logoff page (the page wich appaers after logoff)

    • I believe you need to change the background on the logon and it applies at logoff too.

  16. JGM

    Hi All, I am using SF v3.7, is it possible to put a logoff icon that is always visible rather than needing to click on the username drop down? or, make ‘logoff’ the default rather than the username?

  17. Simply Awesome. One of the valuable information given in a single page. It’s Greatest one which i have found in a site. You are really Champ Nicolas. Keep up Good Show looking forward for the same..

  18. Lee

    HELP! First off, a great site – excellent. I’m going round and round in circles. All I want is a text hyperlink on the logon page. Like a message of the day but with a hyperlink firing off to another website. I have tried several methods, each aren’t working. This one seems to be the closest, but not working for me. $(‘#customAuthBottom’).html(“Visit W3Schools “); This shows nothing. I get text without the hyperlink using $(‘.customAuthBottom’).html(“Click Here”); But I just want a working hyperlink – please… (SF 3.7).

  19. Lee

    Update: it’s showing as I want it on the time-out logged off screen, so it’s hiding somewhere…to be continued.

  20. Lakshmi Srinivas Kommina

    Great Article!!

  21. Tonny Andersson

    Great post!
    Any idea of how to not have the login form aligned to the center? I would like to move it a bit to the left.

  22. Helmut

    Great Article!

    Do you know how to change the thirdPartyNoticeLink – not the name, but the destination?


  23. The custom receiver icon image in the header bar does not flow through into native receiver.
    Just seeing x in Native Receiver 4.5 and 4.6

  24. Matt Russell

    Does anyone know of a way to display the receiver client version along with the SF server name in the footer? I have the SF server name displayed without issue, but adding the Receiver client version is a bit more difficult. Thanks!

  25. Paul M

    I’m running Storefron v3.8. and XenApp 7.12. I tried using the code to change the About content. I placed the code into the script.js and noting happened. The code to change the logo that is added to the style.css worked fine. Not sure why the js for modifying the About content is not executing. Still shows the default text.

  26. bob

    same here . I am running Storefront 3.9. Nothing above worked

  27. marshad

    Is there any way to keep the default tab as favorites on user log in .
    what i am looking for is when the user log in to storefront the default page will be favorties.
    is their any possibility?

  28. James

    Are you able to make these customizations while running the Classic theme on StoreFront? Or do you have to have the new UI enabled?

  29. ctxSFuser


    thanks for the great stuff. I just have a question reqarding the displaying of Servername. As of I propagate changes from one StoreFront Server to another, my ResponseHeader(‘SF-ServerName’); gets overwritten from Server XYZ 02 to Server XYZ 01. I would propose to write the ServerName into a textfile, which will be placed somewhere else. Any idea how to deal with it?

  30. Mike Foster

    Is it possible to have the Favorites options in the native Receiver, but not in Receiver for Web?

  31. ctxUsr

    Thank you very much, really helpful site :-)

    I have a question. As of I set up a customized loading logo, I see the new logo only at desktop sites. On my mobile phone I still see Citrix Receiver logo multiple times. It looks really strange.

  32. yawhing

    How to remove the “About” from the content? I tried to remove it from .js file but not working.

    • LeeDRich

      @ yawhing, to delete the ‘About’ button, amend the script.js file and add:

      (function ($) {
      $.localization.customStringBundle(“en”, {
      About: “”,

      There’s a whole list of variables (strings) you can change, the format for example:

      (function ($) {
      $.localization.customStringBundle(“en”, {
      AppStore: “Citrix Appstore”,
      About: “”,


      I found the strings in the ctx.strings_1C19D57C5BC66253.js file in receiver\js\localization\en

      Worked for me after hours of searching!

  33. Maz


    I need add/change password complexity requirements message in StoreFront page. Currently when the user doesn’t meet the requirements it displays the default message :
    Your new password must meet password policy requirements. Check the minimum password length, password complexity and password history requirements.

    where do I make this change?

    Many thanks

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