By default in the last rollup packs, Citrix added the Mobility Pack in XenApp 6.5 but does not provide any built-in solution to disable that feature.

What is the Mobility Experience ?

The Mobility Pack improves the experience of Citrix Receiver users working in supported Windows applications and published server desktops on mobile devices. Features include:

  • The use of mobile device controls instead of native Windows controls such as combo boxes.
  • Automatic display of the device keyboard when an editable field has the focus. The desktop session scrolls if needed to make the input area visible.
  • A touch-optimized desktop for mobile devices that provides:
    • Improved access to the Windows Start menu: Tap the START button and use the touch-friendly menus to navigate to applications and documents. Start an application or open a document with a single tap.
    • Multiple pages of icons on the desktop: Swipe the desktop or tap the scroll icons to navigate.
    • One-tap return to the touch-optimized desktop when it is hidden by a full-screen application: Tap the icon in the bottom left corner of the desktop.
    • One-tap return to the traditional Windows desktop: Tap the icon in the top right corner of the desktop to toggle between the touch-optimized and Windows desktops.
  • Support for providing mobile device location (GPS) information to remote application sessions. This feature enables the remote application to obtain mobile device location information from Citrix Receiver so that the application behavior can change just as if it were running locally on the mobile device.
  • A mobile device development platform, the Mobile SDK for Windows Apps, that enables Enterprise Windows developers to write applications for mobile devices using familiar programming languages. The Mobile SDK for Windows Apps includes interfaces to:
    • Control how buttons are used on the mobile device
    • Set screen orientation
    • Activate the on-screen keyboard
    • Use local user interface controls instead of Windows controls
    • Access the device’s telephone, SMS, and camera functions

Citrix added an executable in C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\system32 called TouchOptimizedDesktop.exe. If enabled, it will start by default for Published Desktops when using a tablet or a smartphone and change the GUI of Windows (see below).

Mobility Experience
Mobility Experience

How to disable the Mobility Experience in XenApp 6.5 ?

First you have to download the Mobility Pack from Citrix website.


In there is :

Mobility Pack
Mobility Pack

XA650W2K8R2X64025.msp is adding the feature on your servers. It is part of the last RollUp packs and already installed on your servers if they are up-to-date.

CitrixGroupPolicyManagement_xXX.msi is adding the ability to manage the Mobility Pack with Citrix Policies.

You need to install the Group Policy Management on all your controllers. It will add new Mobile Experience settings in users policies.

Mobility Policies
Mobility Policies

By default,

  • Automatic keyboard display is disabled
  • Launch touch-optimized desktop is enabled
  • Remote the combo box is disabled

To disable the Mobility Experience, select Launch touch-optimized desktop and change the feature to disabled.

You can find this setting in the registry on the server you’re connected to:



Why disabling the Mobility Experience?

If you are using RES Workspace Manager, the Mobility Experience allows your users to by-pass your  configuration and security settings.