Citrix just released the new StoreFront 3.0 along with the latest version of the Receiver for Windows, Mac and Linux. 

Take a look at our Install Guide for StoreFront 3.0!

Citrix Receiver is coupled with StoreFront 3.0, which provides a front-end infrastructure for Receiver and consolidates access to Windows, Linux, web and mobile apps while enabling businesses to customize the look and feel of Receiver to ensure that each employee gets the same familiar app and desktop access experience on whatever device they are using. The new StoreFront includes an assortment of templates for accelerating the design of the Receiver interface, which is maintained even if users download Receiver updates.

Available for customers with active Subscription Advantage (SA) or Software Maintenance (SWM) as of June 24, 2015.

StoreFront 3.0 Logon page
StoreFront 3.0 Logon page

What’s new in StoreFront 3.0?

The new version of StoreFront has the following key features:

  • Centralized StoreFront management of the look and feel of the user’s app selection experience to enable consistency across all desktop and web Receivers
  • Familiar and consistent app selection experience for users
  • API’s to flexibly customize branding and other aspects of the app selection experience
  • Support the existing green bubble UI
  • in-place upgrade from StoreFront 2.x to 3.0
  • Google Chrome Support without NPAPI
  • Delegating Authentication to the Backend Providers (Awesome !)
  • Integrated Monitoring Service for NetScaler
  • Extended Store Customization SDK
  • Treating All Desktops as Applications


StoreFront 3.0 and new Desktop and Web Receivers