Citrix Mouse X1

The Citrix Mouse X1 is available since 2 months now, let’s take a look at the first end-users device offered by Citrix.

Officially announced at the Citrix Synergy in May 2015, the X1 mouse is the first low-energy Bluetooth mouse to work with IOS (iPhones and iPads). Of course, the mouse is also compatible with Windows and Android devices.

What’s the big deal?

What makes the X1 Mouse unique: It’s the first mouse that works with iPads and iPhones that doesn’t require you to root your iOS device to use it.

Many Windows business apps are not available on mobile, so the only way for businesses to access their applications is to virtualize them using Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop. However, these applications have been developed to work with a keyboard and a mouse and are not optimized to work with a touch screen and your fingers. The best way to solve this problem is to use a keyboard and a mouse with your mobile device. Sounds easy ?

For Windows users or even Android users, using a Bluetooth mouse with your phone, tablet and computer is not something new, but until now it was not officially possible to do the same on Apple devices because Apple does not support that feature. The only way before the X1 was to root your device.

How does it work?

Windows Apps on IOS
Windows Apps on IOS
  • On Apple devices, the mouse does not communicate with IOS but uses a custom firmware to communicate its position to the receiver app installed on the iDevice. So, you know where I am going, right? The mouse does not work for anything else except Citrix applications. Don’t expect to be able to use all the features of your iDevice with that mouse. That is still not possible.

Enable Bluetooth on your Apple device and turn on the mouse. Your device will detect the mouse.

Pair your X1 Mouse
Pair your X1 Mouse

Open the Receiver app and go to the settings to enable the X1 mouse.

Turn the mouse ON in the Receiver
Turn the mouse ON in the Receiver

Then press the Connect button on the mouse. Select Pair on the following screen.

Pair your device with the mouse
Pair your device with the mouse

The Bluetooth device will shown as paired and a new pointer will be displayed within the receiver app only. No pointer outside the app.

  • On Windows/Android devices, you don’t have this limitation as you are able to use the mouse like any others Bluetooth devices.

For example on my Android S6 Edge, the pairing is as easy as any others Bluetooth devices, just turn on Bluetooth on the phone, turn on the mouse (the button is under the mouse) and press the button connect (next to the previous button). The mouse will appear on your Available devices list, just click on it and select Pair device. After few seconds, the device will be available as Input device and you will see a new pointer on the screen.



Citrix Mouse X1
Citrix Mouse X1

Brand: Citrix
Model: Model X1BTLE – Citrix X1 Mouse
Supported Devices/Compatibility: iOS 8.3+ iPad 3+ iPhone 5+ Windows PC (with Bluetooth 4.0), Windows 7, 8 Android 4+
XenApp/XenDesktop Compatibility: All Versions
Citrix Receiver Compatibility: Citrix Receiver® 5.9.5+ Citrix Enterprise Mobile App Compatibility GoToMyPC, WorxDesktop, ShareConnect

Buttons Quantity: 2 (Right, Left click)
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Features: Scroll Wheel Laser Sensor
Interface: Bluetooth 4.0 ( BLE )
Max Operating Distance: 10m
Movement Detection Technology: BT
Movement Resolution: 2000dpi
Orientation: Right handed
Performance: 1200fps, Up to 30 inches per sec
Color: Black


Citrix is selling the X1 mouse for $60.


The Citrix Mouse X1 is clearly targeting IOS users who want to fully use their Citrix applications/desktops on their Apple devices. Plugged to a larger display via HDMI/VGA cable or Airplay, your iPhone/iPad can be used as a valid full desktop replacement for the first time. Easy pairing, compact design and compatible with the latest Apple devices using Bluetooth 4, the X1 mouse is a revolution for Apple users. However, the design feels cheap and the glossy plastic on top of the mouse is showing fingertips marks. For Android and Windows users, the X1 mouse does not add anything new for you guys. Too expensive, the mouse will probably stay focused on Apple users for now.


  1. Misleading information on their product sheet, on the product support information page here:

    It states:

    Supported Citrix Apps on iPads and iPhones
    Citrix Receiver for iOS
    ShareConnect as part of XenMobile Enterprise

    Note it says GoToMyPc and is listed separately to the Receiver app, Shareconnect etc… Lower on same support page, under the FQ, it says:

    Does the Citrix X1 Mouse work with non-Citrix apps on iPads and iPhones?

    No. The Citrix X1 Mouse delivers mouse functionality to Citrix Receiver, ShareConnect, ShareConnect and GoToMyPC apps on iPads and iPhones. It functions as a standard Bluetooth-enabled mouse on Android, Mac and Windows devices. X1 Mouse will not provide mouse functionality to non-Citrix iPad and iPhone apps.

    It was always clear that standard iOS apps were not compatible, but GoToMyPC is a Citrix app and is listed as being compatible separately to Citrix Receiver and this is stated on many other x1 mouse product information pages all over the place. I bought an X1 mouse because of its claim to be compatible with GotoMyPC, I manage my home computers with it, but it doesn’t work with the actual iPhone/iPad GotoMyPC app, it can only work if GoToMyPC is installed inside a receiver session (HDX) which is stupid to state that it is compatible with GotoMyPC because it is the same as saying it is compatible with Excel, yeah it’s compatible with every app as long as it is run inside the receiver. I don’t have a Citrix infrastructure to log into, I can’t even get GotoMyPC to open on their useless demo account. They need to change the wording of their info sheets.

    Then on the mouse leaflet it states:

    The Citrix X1 Mouse will only work with Receiver or other
    supported Citrix apps, not standard iOS apps.


    Once paired you can see mouse cursor, please note that
    mouse click will work only inside the HDX session.

    So which is it ? And again it states it works with Citrix apps so ? GotoMyPC is then considered an iOS app not a Citrix app? Why not just say you can only use the mouse Inside a HDX session and it is compatible with everything inside of it and you can only use it with your corporate Citrix infrastructure logon.

    I was looking forward to getting this mouse as it was going to be better than the virtual mouse on GotoMyPC and it was very difficult to get hold of one in Europe, what a con and a waste of money !!!

    Now I have to wait for Apple to decide to do something about making Bluetooth mice compatible

  2. Woops, actually I decided to try again after all those months and it’s actually working inside the GotomyPC app on my iPad, I just fiddled with the connect button on the mouse a bit, and there it was. Remains to test it a bit more later on :D. There is however a lack of support, expertise and demonstration on this mouse.

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