Upgrade to StoreFront 3.7

A quick step-by-step guide to upgrade to Citrix StoreFront 3.7.

Citrix just released StoreFront 3.7, adding new cool features highlighted in a previous post. The upgrade itself is not difficult but there are few recommendations to follow to make sure that it is successful.

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Lab configuration

StoreFront DMZ servers

  • 2 StoreFront servers running version 3.6
  • DMZSF01:
  • DMZSF02:
  • Servers are in WORKGROUP
  • StoreFront configuration is not shared by the servers
  • NetScaler HA Pair for LB

Download Citrix StoreFront 3.7

Go to https://www.citrix.com/downloads/storefront-web-interface/product-software/storefront-37.html and download binaries.

Download StoreFront 3.7
Download StoreFront 3.7

Getting started


Citrix supports the upgrade to StoreFront 3.7 from the versions below:

  • StoreFront 2.6
  • StoreFront 3.x


Export Citrix StoreFront configuration

Before migrating, remember to backup your configuration:

You can find more details on StoreFront backup/restore operations here: https://docs.citrix.com/pt-br/storefront/3-5/export-import-storefront-config.html.

If your servers are not sharing the configuration, you need to backup all of them separately.

Remove the server from Production on the NetScaler

To avoid any impact during the upgrade of the server, you can disable the server in NetScaler. The appliance will automatically redirect all traffic to the second server.

Disable StoreFront server in NetScaler
Disable StoreFront server in NetScaler

The service group is now Partially-UP as it is not using the first server.

Service group is partially up
Service group is partially up

Need help with the NetScaler StoreFront load balancing configuration? Check the following articles out:

Repeat this process for all the servers.

Others considerations

  • Take a snapshot of the server
  • In a multi-servers configuration, make sure to upgrade all the servers before propagating the configuration again

Install Citrix StoreFront 3.7

We already covered how to install Citrix StoreFront 3.x in this article: Lab: Part 14 – Citrix StoreFront 3.x. Nothing new here.

Upgrade to Citrix StoreFront 3.7

Connect to the StoreFront server, and run the executable of Citrix StoreFront 3.7.

Citrix StoreFront 3.7 Upgrade 1/3
Citrix StoreFront 3.7 Upgrade 1/3
Citrix StoreFront 3.7 Upgrade 2/3
Citrix StoreFront 3.7 Upgrade 2/3
Citrix StoreFront 3.7 Upgrade 3/3
Citrix StoreFront 3.7 Upgrade 3/3

The Citrix StoreFront console will start automatically.

Citrix StoreFront 3.7 console
Citrix StoreFront 3.7 console

Make sure that the proper version is displayed

Validate the website

Validate the website
Validate the website

Repeat the process for all the servers.

StoreFront upgrade was successful.

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  1. Nico, thanks for this post. Very professional as usual.
    Quick question, upgrading from previous version 3.5 or 3.0 is supported or included within this upgrade ?

  2. Hi Nicolas,
    Need your help. My env has 2 SF 2.6 servers (2012 R2) in a server group with user subscriptions enabled. I am planning to upgrade to 3.9 but subscriptions in 2.6 is not compatible with 3.x. So I am thinking to build 2 new 2016 servers and install SF 2.6, import my subscriptions from existing servers, verify that it works for few days and then upgrade to 3.8. Once it is working as expected, flip the servers in load balancer. Will that work? One more thing, do we have export configuration command for 2.6 so that I build new server with he same configuration as Prod.

    We are Healthcare organization and need to do this without any end user impact.


  3. We have 6 SF servers in 2 groups of 3 servers. We took on group out of service in NS and started the upgrade process the next day. We ran the install to upgrade all three servers from 3.5 to 3.12. No errors on the upgrade, but we are unable to look at the store in the console, the server group does show up and will propagate without issues.

    Citrix documenation (https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/storefront/3-12/install-standard.html) talks about upgrading (more like migrating) from 3.0.x and below, which seems to be basically starting over fresh with the store(s). Which doesn’t make sense if you are trying to keep your configuration.

    So I restored the servers from backup and then I tried pulling 2 servers from the group, running the install on the last server left in the group. I then uninstall SF on the other 2 servers, install 3.12, join them to the group and they join successfully, but will not propagate successfully.

    So what is the proper process to upgrade from above 3.0.x when you have multiple servers in a group?

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