It just came out, I am Citrix Technology Professional (CTP)!

Check out the announcement on the Citrix Blog: https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2017/01/31/welcome-ctp-class-of-2017/

I am pleased, honored, and humbled to accept this CTP award and to join past recipients who I have long admired and respected.

CTP Logo
CTP Logo

For those not familiar, the Citrix Technology Professional title is awarded by Citrix to individuals in recognition of exceptional community leadership, including:

  • Sharing insights on web sites and contributing to online discussions
  • Creating or fostering active communities of Citrix users
  • Publishing technical documentation, articles, or books
  • Offering technical expertise in the field
  • Speaking at IT conferences


I have been a proud member of the New York City Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) leadership team since last year. This meetup is a great way to give back to the Citrix community in Metro NYC, and I have enjoyed working with James Ma in bringing networking and professional development events to CUGC over the past 12 months.


I am particularly excited to have special access to Citrix resources, and invaluable connections with other CTPs and Citrix product teams. I hope to share the knowledge I build from these relationships with you all year long.

I am not joining the CTP family alone; these 7 other exemplary engineers will jump in, too:

CTP 2017
CTP 2017
  •         Danny van Dam (@dnyvandam)
  •         David Brett (@dbretty)
  •         Eduardo Molina (@Molikop)
  •         Marius Sandbu (@msandbu)
  •         Ryan Revord (@rsrevord)
  •         Samuel Legrand (@lgsam59) 🙂
  •         Simon Gottschlag (@xensimon)

There are only 50 CTPs in the world, including some of smartest people I’ve met–you can find a full list of them here. I’ve referenced many of them in previous posts, and it is a dream come true to now be part of the team.  

Ever since I started working with Citrix technologies at the start of my career, I have been fortunate to work with skilled engineers who have been amazing mentors. Over time, I felt confident enough in my abilities that I could then give back to the global Citrix community, which sparked my idea for CitrixGuru.com. I’ve taken pride to give my readers an unbiased opinion through articles, tweets, and discussions; I want to reaffirm that I will continue to apply this objectivity to articles as I begin my work as a CTP.

I’d like to thank a lot of people for their support:

  • Emily (@edtechjam), aka, The Boo, for enduring numerous weekends and late nights working on my lab posts or new articles
  • Richard Denglos and Thierry Thong, who taught me everything I know and gave me the passion to pursue a career in Citrix technologies
  • My employer, Societe Generale, which gives me time and resources to develop and refine my passion
  • My SG colleagues, who support and challenge me everyday to improve myself
  • Samuel Legrand (@legsam59) and Stephane Thirion (@archynet)  fellow co-workers at Societe Generale and CTP
  • Current CTP members
  • New York CUGC leadership team
  • Citrix, and especially Moe, Eric, Perrine (@pcrampton) and Jacques
  • YOU, my readers, with your many comments and private messages encouraging me to keep going and working on CitrixGuru

Finally,  I’d like to take a moment and dedicate this award to my Uncle Pierre who passed away this past Sunday.

I’m looking forward to see what opportunities unfold this coming year with the CTP program. Stay tuned for more updates from CitrixGuru soon. Follow me @citrixbot & @citrix_guru 




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