Citrix Technology Professional awardees for 2018 have been announced by Citrix.

I have the humble pleasure to announce that my Citrix Technology Professional award has been renewed for 2018. I’ve been part of this fantastic group of only 50 Citrix enthusiasts since 2017 and was eager to remain in the program this year.

Citrix Technology Professional: Year 2!

It felt like a great achievement when I was accepted last year, but the real challenge started after my nomination, when I learned that remaining in the program was more challenging than a first-time application. The amount of information you have access to as soon as you join is impressive, but it can also be scary. As such, I am very happy with the renewal and being rewarded for doing what I love is the best feeling ever! 

I wrote an in-depth article about my experience as a newbie Citrix Technical Professional—if you’re new to the program this year, or looking to join next year, it may have some helpful pointers for you.

This year, 43 CTPs have been renewed and 7 new people have been awarded Citrix Technology Professional for the first time and are joining the program. Check-out the list here.

Sharing, Sharing, SHARING!

Sharing my knowledge and my experience is my main goal of being part of this program. Thanks to our hyper-connected times, we can reach people anywhere in the world who are willing to learn via blogging or social media platforms. When I received the award last year, I pledged to you to remain objective in my posts and I am proud to say that I kept my promise by expressing strong opinions. I asked tough questions (following the removal of Kirill Tatarinov) to David Henshall (Part 1 & Part 2), Citrix CEO and Ron Oglesby following his appointment as Citrix Community Leader. 2018 will be no different, as I remain committed to express objective and constructive opinions on and maintain the trust of my readers.

I’d like to thank a lot of people for their support:

  • Emily (@edtechjam) for her unconditional support in this journey
  • Current and past CTP members
  • Citrix, and especially Moe, Eric, Perrine (@pcrampton), Jacques and Ron (@ronoglesby)
  • YOU, my readers, with your many comments and private messages encouraging me to keep going and working on CitrixGuru

Do you feel you have what it takes to be part of the Citrix CTP family?

The applications for 2019 will open in April 2018 until the end of October 2018. You can save yourself some time right now and make a list of your contributions to the community.

Here is the Citrix CTP application page:

My mojo for 2018 is to stay humble and keep challenging myself. Don’t get comfortable!