Are you looking to join the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) program? Time is nigh! You only have until October 31, 2018 to submit your application for the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) program for 2019.

Here are 10 reasons why you should apply this year!

Registration has CLOSED!

Make sure to check out this link about CTP Program eligibility.

10. Awesome perks


As with most community programs, Citrix offers great perks to its members. Some perks include licenses for Citrix products, extended access to Citrix Cloud, third-party software licenses, and of course swag and goodies. Citrix also offers special incentives to attend or speak at conferences and access to a private forum for discussions with the Citrites.

9. The member cap has been lifted

The CTP program has had a seemingly arbitrary cap of 50 people for many years, but Citrix’s new leadership has discontinued it for the coming year. While we don’t know exactly how many CTPs will be welcomed in, chances are there will be more slots than years past.

8. Early builds and NDA announcements

CTPs have access to early builds of all Citrix products, including early access to features in Citrix Cloud. Usually early software is released along the development of the products. You can play with the beta builds and share your feedback with the development team while it is being developed. Final builds are released to CTPs anywhere from a few days up to a whole week before the official launch.

7. Monthly internal calls with Citrix

In addition to early access of new products and service, CTPs join in on official calls with the Citrix team a few times per month, where product teams share their roadmaps and demo new features prior public release. These meetings give you intimate access to the inner workings of Citrix, and is a great opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions.

6. New specialties to make collaboration easier

CTP Logo

Citrix recently revamped the structure of the CTP program by adding specialties. Up until now, CTPs were not assigned to a topic. CTPs are now associated to two or more specialties, such as Workspace infrastructure, Networking, Provisioning, or Security. The main advantage of specialties is that you are part of a smaller group that is highly involved with individual Citrix teams.

Product SpecialityIncluded
Apps & ProvisioningApp Layering, MCS, PVS, etc
Clients and ProtocolsReceiver, Workspace App, HDX Printing, Audio/Video
User Session ExperienceUEM, UPM, Storefront
Workspace InfrastructureApps & Desktops, Studio, Brokering, DDC, Secure Browser, Workspace App Infra
NetworkingNetScaler, SD-WAN, Firewall, Gateway, MAS
File Share and SyncShareFile
HypervisorXenServer (Citrix Hypervisor)
SecurityCybersecurity and Industry compliance

5. Join the Slack madness!

Slack logo

Slack is a powerful tool to collaborate, and most of our discussions are on this platform — with over 100 channels ! The first thing that many new CTPs try to do is to keep up with all the channels. A noble initiative, but it is not possible to do that over many months (as there is so much information and so little time in a day!).

4. Learn from your peers

Citrix CTP at Citrix Synergy 2018

The CTP program is a individual award open to Citrix customers, independent Citrix experts, consultants and partners. There are members of the CTP program who have decades of experience, and are willing to share their knowledge with CTPs who are earlier in their career. So not only do you learn a lot from the teams at Citrix, but you can also garner professional mentorship from some of the top Citrix leaders in the industry, too. New members also bring in fresh ideas to the conversations and discussions that happen over the course of the CTP program year.

3. Direct line of communication with Citrix PMs, PMMs and Engineering teams

The CTP program also offers the opportunity to connect with Citrix Product Managers, Citrix Product Marketing Managers, and the engineering teams to share feedback about the products. This provides an unprecedented opportunity to engage with Citrix leaders, receive advance knowledge of planned projects, make an impact on the strategy of the company and help guide Citrix forward.

2. You’re invited to Citrix Synergy!

Citrix Synergy 2018
Citrix Synergy 2018

As member of the Citrix Technology Professionals, you are invited to the Synergy conference by Citrix — for free. Some CTPs have the opportunity to have their own session(s) and speak during the conference, too, which is a great professional development opportunity and resume builder. Being a CTP does not guarantee a slot to speak at Synergy but it definitively helps when submitting a session!
During Synergy, Citrix also hosts the main CTP meeting of the year. Usually for 2 days before Synergy, CTPs get together, meet the CEO and discuss how to improve solutions and products before the craziness of the conference begins.

1. Attend in-person fall meeting at Citrix HQ in Florida

For a few years, Citrix had converted this fall meeting into a virtual meeting, but resumed in-person meeting this year and the 2019 meeting will also be held in-person. The meeting is usually scheduled at the end of September or early October and is held at Citrix HQ in Fort Lauderdale.

All CTPs are invited to the HQ — this year, around 60% of all CTPs worldwide made it to the meeting. Citrix is particularly generous with the CTPs, which makes the travel easier, but unfortunately it is not always possible for all of us to justify being 3 or 4 days away from work to our managers.

This event is an opportunity to meet your CTP peers in a more relaxed and focused environment than the Citrix Synergy conference (where we are all all over the place). There are 50 people in this program, with a few new faces every year. During the annual CTP meeting, you have more time to network, share thoughts and plan upcoming events together.

You can also chat and spend face-to-face time with the people who are making this program the best in the industry. Ron Oglesby, Perrine Crampton, Kimberly L. Ruggero and Stephanie Roper are working hard to bring more value to the CTP program, and they are all there in person during the conference.

Very exciting, too, is the opportunity to meet and discuss with Citrix CEO David Henshall. Henshall knows the value of the community, and often gives some of his precious time to discuss the short or long-term strategy of the company to the CTPs, and listen carefully to our feedback. We particularly liked his session this year as it was not a regular presentation with slides and a predefined message, but more like an unscripted, organic conversation.

The annual meeting really helps humanize Citrix as a product and brand, not to mention the many networking opportunities!

The second day of the conference is almost exclusively reserved to discussions with Product Marketing Managers and Product Managers. With the new specialty sub-groups, those meetings are particularly valuable, as you really have the opportunity to interact with the Citrix team and share your priorities face-to-face.

Still interested in joining the Citrix Technology Professional program in 2019?

Go to this website and complete your application by October 31, 2018. Make sure to check the program eligibility and to fill everything in the form and provide references to be taken into consideration. It is critical that every question in the application is answered fully!

Good luck!