Citrix announces its 2019 cohort of Citrix Technology Professionals.

I have the humble pleasure to announce that my Citrix Technology Professional membership has been renewed for 2019. I’ve been part of this fantastic group of Citrix enthusiasts since 2017, and am thrilled to remain in the program for the third year in a row. This community is growing every year and being part of it is such a blast.

Thinking about joining the CTP program in 2020?

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Proud to be a member of the CTP family

Since I joined the program in 2017, I’ve been fortunate to work with and learn from great people every day. The opportunity to do what I love and being recognized for that is amazing. I was surprised when I was accepted in the program in 2017, and I am still (pleasantly!) surprised today to be renewed. There are such highly-skilled people in this group that I am both astonished and grateful to even be considered.

Citrix CTP at Citrix Synergy 2018

I wrote an in-depth article about my experience as a newbie Citrix Technical Professional—if you’re new to the program this year, or looking to join next year, it may have some helpful pointers for you. You can also check out this link about the application in 2018 that provided insights about what to expect.

Citrix revamped the CTP program for 2019

As I mentioned in my post about 2019 applications, Citrix has lifted the cap of 50 people for the CTP program. That meant it was the perfect year to apply, as it was expected that more people would be accepted. People responded positively to this announcement, as 90 applications were received — an all time high.

Here’s the breakdown for 2019:

  • 41 CTPs were renewed,
  • 4 have exited the program,
  • 1 former CTP is re-joining, and
  • 16 new members have been accepted for the first time.
CTP 2019 - Infographic
CTP 2019 – Infographic

Note: as you can see on the infographic above, only 5% of the CTP members are women. Let’s try to increase this figure in 2020. Who is with me?

That makes a total of 17 CTPs joining the 2019 class, up from the usual 4-5 in years past.

Check-out the list of 63* Citrix Technology Professionals here.

*Note: the list also includes 5 Citrix CTP Fellows who are lifelime members and automatically renew every year.

New specialties to make collaboration easier

The number of members is not the only change for 2019. Citrix also revamped the structure of the CTP program by adding specialties. Up until now, CTPs were not assigned to a topic but are now associated to two or more specialties, such as Workspace infrastructure, Networking, Provisioning, or Security, etc. The main advantage of specialties is that you are part of a smaller group that is highly involved with individual Citrix teams, and are expected to provide feedback directly to the product team.

Product SpecialityIncluded
Apps & ProvisioningApp Layering, MCS, PVS, etc
Clients and ProtocolsReceiver, Workspace App, HDX Printing, Audio/Video
User Session ExperienceUEM, UPM, Storefront
Workspace InfrastructureApps & Desktops, Studio, Brokering, DDC, Secure Browser, Workspace App Infra
NetworkingNetScaler, SD-WAN, Firewall, Gateway, MAS
File Share and SyncShareFile
HypervisorXenServer (Citrix Hypervisor)
SecurityCybersecurity and Industry compliance


Sharing, sharing, SHARING!

My second year as a CTP was all about sharing my knowledge and my experience in an unbiased way, which is my main goal as being part of this program. As we saw last year, 2018 was mostly focused on Citrix Cloud. See below the top posts on this blog for my second year as CTP:

As far as my local involvement with MyCUGC in New York City, initially I was not planning to be involved in 2018 as I had left the leadership team at the end of 2017 but I accepted to come back few months later to help.

The highlights of the year was our first North East XL event and our Mission: Impossible – Fallout movie premiere event that our members enjoyed a lot. I also presented few times about Citrix Cloud and Citrix Workspace and delivered a webinar about the State of Citrix Cloud in September 2018.


Citrix Technology Professional: Year 3!

My plan for 2019 is to push harder where i am struggling: public speaking. For those who know me very well, you know that I am not exactly in my element when speaking at events. But the best way to improve yourself is to do it. So, I’ve decided to challenge myself in 2019 to practice more public speaking. I’ve already hosted an Ask Me Anything webinar for MyCUGC this year, but I am planning to do more. I have a session scheduled at the VirtualExpo 2019 (organized by a fellow CTP). Also I have few planned speaking engagements with my local MyCUGC group and cherry on top, I’ve just been approved for a session at Citrix Synergy 2019 with Harsh Grupta.


I’d like to thank a lot of people for their support:

  • Emily (@emgover) for her unconditional support in this journey
  • Current and past CTP members
  • Citrix, especially Perrine (@pcrampton) and Ron (@ronoglesby)
  • YOU, my readers and Twitter followers, with your many comments and private messages encouraging me to keep going and working on CitrixGuru


Do you feel you have what it takes to be part of the Citrix CTP family?

The applications for 2020 will open in April 2019 until the end of October 2019. You can save yourself some time right now and start making a list of your contributions to the community.

You can take a look at my Top 10 reasons why you should join the Citrix CTP program published last year.

One last time, here is the Citrix CTP application page:


I’m looking forward to continue learning and growing with you all during this exciting year ahead!